World Book Day 2011
Thursday, 21 October 2010

worldbookday2011_tnCelebrate books and reading with World Book Day 2011!

For the last few years we have designed the World Book Day website and have now launched the official 2011 website.

 World Book Day is the largest annual celebration of books and reading across the UK and Ireland and is a partnership of publishers, booksellers and interested parties who have come together to promote books and reading for personal enrichment and pleasure.

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Lola Evans
Wednesday, 20 October 2010

lolaevans2010Lola Evans website gets a makeover!

We have redesigned the website of our client Lola Evans as she was looking for a cleaner, more professional looking website to showcase her writing.

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Anvil Press Poetry
Tuesday, 19 October 2010

anvilAnvil Press Poetry launch their redesigned website

Anvil Press Poetry was founded in 1968 and grew from a poetry magazine that Director Peter Jay ran whilst studying in Oxford. Anvil publishes 10-12 new books a year which is contemporary poetry in English and translated poetry from all periods, sometimes in bilingual editions.

They specialise in contemporary English poets – with a leavening of Irish and American – and in a range of translated poetry, from ancient classics to modern and contemporary poets.

We redesigned Anvil’s existing website with a fresh new design and also integrated a Content Management System so they can update their website with speed and ease at their own convenience. The website also has a news utility so they can keep their visitors up to date as well as a shopping cart so users can purchase books directly from the site.

Take a look at their new website and see what we have done

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Leila Aboulela
Monday, 18 October 2010

leila_tnLeila Aboulela is online with her new website

Leila Aboulela is a successful author who writes about topics she finds moving and disturbing and her fictional worlds reflect Muslim logic. Her characters do not live in an idealistic world but instead are portrayed as trying to practice their faith and make it through difficult circumstances.

Leila’s website is built in Wordpress and has a news section and rotating banner for her to promote her books. The website has information on her history and links to her social networking accounts so users can find out more about her.

The design of the website is based on colour palettes and designs that Leila liked and sent over as a reference. To see her new website please visit Add a comment
Ann Swinfen
Tuesday, 12 October 2010

annswinfenNew website for writer and academic Ann Swinfen

Ann Swinfen is the author of three novels, The Anniversary, The Travellers, and A Running Tide, published by Random House. Her latest novel, The Testament of Mariam, explores a familiar story from an unusual angle and has received critical acclaim.

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Important features for any writer’s website
Monday, 04 October 2010

Setting up a website and maintaining it to continuously work for you is by no means an easy task. However, it is definitely worth the time and energy you put into it.

As a writer it is likely that your work commitments and writing take up a big chunk of your time so opting for a simple website seems like the best decision. This is not always the case though and therefore your website may not be working for you at its best potential.

This article provides some suggestions on key features for your website that can help publicise your work further and can make your website the best promotional tool you have. Add a comment
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Digital publishing is having a big impact
Thursday, 09 September 2010

Over the last ten years we have spent a lot of time developing websites for writers and have been asked regularly about self publishing options in relation to the web.

There has been a major shift in this direction of late and in a similar way to what happened in the music industry, writers are now able to make different decisions when it comes to publishing their work. Relying on getting an agent on board and then a publisher has always been a tough path to follow for new writers and self publishing is becoming an increasingly attractive option and some authors have had significant success. Add a comment
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James MacManus
Monday, 06 September 2010

james_macmanus_tn2010New website for author and journalist James MacManus

James MacManus is an author and newspaper executive who has also scripted a film. His books tell two stories of young men thrust by chance into great adventures which take their lives to the limit – and beyond.

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iPhone apps for authors and publishers
Thursday, 26 August 2010

The literary world has been colliding with the digital industry in recent times and things are changing at an incredible pace. With this in mind, this article highlights a few of the applications available on the iPhone that continue to develop the interaction between all things literary and digital technology.

Recently, The Guardian website reported on new applications that were being released to offer readers extra material and features when they buy a novel. Little, Brown - the publishers of author Iain Banks, worked alongside a mobile software company to develop an application that allows readers who purchase a paperback version of his book Transition to access unseen chapters, original notes and character biographies by scanning the barcode from the book. Add a comment
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Tips to help maintain your website
Wednesday, 04 August 2010

When website owners set up a new website, they often leave it to its own device and wrongly assume the hard part is over with. With technology evolving at an incredibly fast pace, you can’t afford to presume your website will provide you with results without maintaining it. In this article we provide you with some tips to help you think about the different ways in which you need to maintain your website and the benefits this can have.

1. Keep your content updated

It is essential that you keep your content up to date. As an author, the primary purpose of your website is likely to be to promote your writing so you need to make sure the latest information is available to your visitors to help keep them interested. For agents and publishers, promoting your clients and their books has become increasingly important due to the phenomenon surrounding ebooks. Competition is fierce these days so your website can help keep your head above the water.

If you have a blog or news section on your website – which is recommended these days, it is vital you keep these regularly updated. This will provide a massive bonus with search engine rankings and make sure your visitors are aware of latest releases and information.

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